The Original Digital Perm Machine 


The mother of all digital perm innovations, Paimore Digital Perm Machine is an original invention birth from years of intensive research and development. 

In 2003, this technology was officially patented, trademarked and copyrighted in Japan. Now, the crowning title, "Digital Perm"™ is solely worn by Paimore.

Until recent years, hot perms were largely accomplished manually using heated rods. For various reasons, this method was neither consumer nor hairstylist-friendly. Heat applied to the hair was inconsistent as the rods were rapidly losing heat to the surrounding. To compensate for the gradual loss of heat, the rod would have to be heated to a higher initial temperature which in turn, causes higher heat damage to the consumer's hair. Furthermore, the hairstylist is forced to race against time while only being able to create unevenly heated curls (because of the shape of the rod).

This changed drastically when Hot Perm Machine entered the market. It automated the tedious perming process but has a huge disadvantage of operating at one fixed temperature. Imagine the heat damage incurred from soaking your hair at 130°C? That is not all, Hot Perm Machine was also limited to serving one specific look: tight and round curls. 

That was all before Paimore Digital Perm Machine emerged in 2003 and revolutionalized the perm industry. This leading perm technology combines intelligent temperature control and moisture retention technology to invent new perm results. It ushered in an era of natural-looking, sexy waves and versatile curls that conventional perm methods could only dream of creating.

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Unlike most perm machines that heat your hair at 80 to 120°C (high heat), Paimore's digital machine perms beautiful and healthy curls at a low temperature of only 45 to 85°C.

According to industry experts, it perms at the World's Lowest Heat Temperature ensuring that your hair receives the least possible damage while striving for your ideal perm.

Despite the low heat administered, perm results from Paimore Digital Perm Machine are long-lasting. And this is all thanks to the patented technology exclusive to Paimore only.

Intelligent Temperature Control


Moisture Retention Technology

The stigma that hair becomes dry a week or two after a perm service remains a huge deterrence for people interested in getting a perm job. That is why Paimore's electric heat rod comes with an insulated clip, specifically designed to insulate heat and moisture during the perming process. Even heating occurs because no part of the hair is exposed to the external environment and moisture is retained throughout. This leaves hair significantly bouncier, livelier and softer post perming.

Brand New Perm Style

Paimore Digital Perm Machine took the world by storm when it opened up the possibility of achieving not just plain curls but customizable waves depending on customer's preferences. The feather-light heating rods come in a variety of sizes and lengths for different hair types and desired styles. Thus, be it elegant, sexy or boho style, this Digital Perm Machine does not disappoint.


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