The Revolutionary Perm & Rebonding System

Patented, Trademarked & Copyrighted in Japan, the original makers of the Digital Perm launches its latest technology after many years of intensive research. 

Embrace GRATS

taking Hair Beauty to the next level

If you are thinking to go for a perm or rebonding, why not consider GRATS? 

We promise you a hair shaping experience like never before. 

1. THE MYTH: Bleached/High-lighted/Damaged/Fine hair cannot be permed or rebonded 

Style & Photo Credits: JARGO Hair Studio

Breaking the Myth:

This myth is almost certainly true in the past, because the key ingredient of most traditional perm and rebonding lotions is Thioglycolic Acid. Thioglycolic Acid is only effective at high pH levels (usually level 8 - 9.5), this high alkaline pH opens the cuticles and causes damage in the process. Bleached hair and damaged hair are usually already severely damaged and opened from previous chemical services. Hence, these types of hair are unable to withstand the strong alkalinity of traditional lotions. 

GRATS is able to perform effectively at slightly acidic pHs of around 5.5 to 6.5, thus eliminating this pH burden to the hair. 

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2. THE FACT: Perms make your hair dry and brittle over time

Style & Photo Credits: JARGO Hair Studio

Explaining the Facts:

Unfortunately, the damage of Thioglycolic Acid on the hair cuticles after a perm or rebonding are often irreversible and hair is not able not heal by itself. 


The cuticle is the outer barrier of hair which protects it from external environmental damages such as UV rays, humidity, etc. When the cuticle is damaged, the hair loses its smoothness and shine over time. Severe cases often lead to a lack of moisture and leave the hair brittle.


Another type of lotion known as Cysteamine, is much milder than Thioglycolic Acid, and thus inflicts lesser damage on the hair. However the curling properties of Cysteamine are much weaker, and is thus usually unable to produce strong and long lasting curls that is suitable for Singapore's tropical humidity. 

With GRATS, we use a revolutionary ingredient Glyceryl Mono-thioglycolate (GMT), that is able to produce strong curls at a much lower pH, without the alkaline and ammonia damage on hair. Customers that use GRATS will thus be able to enjoy perms and rebonding over and over again without worrying about the damage!

3. THE STYLE: Some customers are afraid that the perm turns out too curly, or too weak!

Style & Photo Credits: Picasso Hair Studio

Presenting the Style:

- Thioglycolic acids produces curls that are strong, but it can be too stiff at times. It is strong, but not lively. 

- Cysteamine produces curls that are soft and natural, but are not bouncy.

GRATS produces curls and waves that is strong yet lively. It bounces naturally and is soft to the touch. Most importantly, the curls can last for months!
Additionally, the customer's hair health is NOT compromised during the chemical service. 

Beautiful waves and curls can be achieved without the harmful side effects!

Embrace GRATS

Voluminous & Beautifully-bent Curls

that will last you in good shapre for months 

Together with our authorized salons and their renowned stylists,

GRATS is setting up the next trend of waves and curls. 
We humbly invite you to experience this revolutionary treatment.

We promise you a quality that will be truly above the rest.


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